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le Petit Journal de

La Flaujaguaise

February 2019

February with La Flaujaguaise

Our first general meeting was held on February 2nd. The 82 members present and accounted for unanimously approved the Moral and Financial reports of 2018.
The new articles and by-laws were unanimously approved as well.
The Board of Directors now has 16 members, ready and full of energy for this new year. The minutes of the meeting will be available on our website early next week.
The mayor honored us with his presence but announced that he was “suspending his support” for the café/épicerie project! Quite a bombshell, because he had been all for it before! He justified himself saying he had heard from certain ex-members of the association that present members had negative things to say about him and the town council....The joys of small villages! We couldn't get anymore info from him, but we will try to discover what happened, what changed his mind.
It's hard to understand how the Mayor can suspend a project that has only one goal: to give life back to the village! Especially based on conjecture and gossip! We will request a meeting to clarify this situation as soon as possible and will not fail to communicate the results and details. We have designed a new Petit Journal which will evolve during the month. You are free to send us events to publish, ideas and projects you are interesting is developing etc.

If you need help to translate, understand or find your way through the site, you can contact or

If you want to join us for the Jimboura meal, you must reserve quickly as the places are limited.

Happy February!

Le compte rendu de l'Assemblé Générale est téléchargeable ici 

FEVRIER 2019 D'un seul coup d’œil

Click on the calandar to see all detailed events and download on your smartphone


Saturday 16th. 2019 at 7pm
Salle Polyvalente
Apéritif et Vin compris
Jimboura – Boudin
Fricassée – Croustilles
Fromage – Salade
Dessert - Café

Prices : 20 € members- 22€ Non members- 12€ - 12 Years

You must reserve before fébruary11 20H Nombre de places limité

06 87 44 34 64

Jacques BESSON
06 60 45 12 30

Our regular activities;
French as a Foreign Language Courses(FLE)

Classes are taught by Claudine Etienne.

Computer or tablette lessons

• Email and internet
• Basic or advanced office tools (word and spreadsheet)
• How to use a smartphone (the most useful applications)
To register

Group purchases

We have set up group purchases to obtain better prices and to work with local artisans.
  • Chimney sweep services
  • Pruning services
  • Firewood
An action for firewood takes place in February 
Send quantity and size to      
The list is not exhaustive ... you can also start a project, or just come up with an idea.
Sign up here:      

We organize regular carpools:     
  • The Market Castillon, departure on Monday morning 9H in front of the townhall of Flaujagues, return at 11H,     
  • The Market of Ste Foy on Saturday morning 9H City Hall of Flaujagues, return 11H,
  • The Ste Foy La Breche movie theater (see calendar) Contact


Cooking project  
A new cooking project is starting this month: preparing the JIMBOURA. Careful, there are a limited amount of places. See the details here: Please sign up now8 at

In February we will organize another “restaurant challenge”,
a gourmet outing in a local restaurant.

More on that later. And always : Games, petanques, cards, hikes, Gym classes, Cine-club ....


If you want to propose an activity, an outing, an event do not hesitate to let us know

Souvenirs - souvenirs
Le "billet mémoire" de Lucette Robert

Problème de circulation :
“ ... Considérant que la circulation des automobiles marchant à une allure rapide présente de graves
dangers pour la population en raison de  la situation du bourg de Flaujagues traversé par le chemin
d’intérêt commun,


 Art.1 – La  vitesse des automobiles traversant le bourg de Flaujagues  ne devra pas dépasser douze
kilomètres à l’heure à partir des poteaux indiquant les limites ...”.
                                                     A FLAUJAGUES LE 17 AOUT 1925.



WITH THE LA FLAUJAGUAISE MEMBERSHIP CARD  At the cave coopérative "les Guinots" in Flaujagues you'll receive a 10% discount on your purchases upon presentation of your La Flaujaguaise membership card.

At the Cinéma La Brèche in Ste Foy la Grande, you will receive a reduction from 6€50 to 5€ for all of the films and séances proposed when you show your La Flaujaguaise membership card at the ticket counter.


The first potluck aperitif of 2019 will take place

on March 2nd  2019
7.30 pm

« Salle Polyvalente » de Flaujagues

As usual, everyone brings a bottle and some finger food to share. Don't forget to bring your glass!

Monthly Classified

Marion Stannard  "à l'honneur"

Replay Le goût des rencontres - Émission du mardi 29 janvier 2019 - Fran...


The micro-farm, les Jardins de la Prêle, has weekly vegetable baskets all year composed of seasonal vegetables (at least 8 different vegetables per basket).
You can order 10 baskets in advance (150 euros) and come get them Tuesday afternoons at the farm. A 15 euro basket is for a couple or a family with one child.

L'AMAP Le Vert de Terre proposes a yearly subscription for 42 baskets a year. The baskets are distributed in Saint Magne de Castillon on Friday nights.The big basket for 20 euros is for 3/4 people and a half-basket is 10 euros. In either case, you can skip a few weeks if you go away on vacation. All the vegetables are certified organic by Ecocert.

Marion grows her vegetables without motorized vehicules (no tractors etc) on  permanents « planches de cultures » . She is planning to install an eco-system with fruit trees, a pond, hedges and a mobil hen house

Contact Marion STANNARD

Take a sneak preview of the dance performance "No Man’s Land" by the Compagnie « Paul les Oiseaux » for which our friend (and Flaujaguaise !) Valérie Kaprinski is the choreographer :

- February 5 - Le Plateau - Eysines

Yoga lessons
Valérie is starting yoga lessons in Flaujagues. The classes could be either Monday or Friday at 18h30. A free trial class is possible.
Contact  : Valérie

Group purchases of organic local products.
CET (Castionnais En Transtion) proposes every month a group purchase. There are vegetables (canned and fresh), fruit, bread, flour, grains, dried fruit, rice, oils, lamb, veal, chickens, wine, beer and  milk products.
Subscriptions at : select "Castillon-la-Bataille" and association CET 
The next delivery is programmed for February 6. You can order the week before.

Send us your annoncements before the 25th January for the next edition (February 2019) of the Petit Journal de La Flaujaguaise* to



Send us your annoncements before the 25th for the next edition of the Petit Journal de La Flaujaguaise* to
* The Board of La Flaujaguaise reserves the right to publish only those annoncements that conform strictly to our statutes and to refuse any and all annoncements of commercial, political or religious character. 
notre adresse :